UM Researcher Uses AI to Understand Lung Cancer Cell Vulnerabilities

A scientific team that includes University of Montana biologist Mark Grimes recently used artificial intelligence to better understand how protein groups in lung cancer cells regulate cell division and metabolism. The work may lead to greater understanding of lung cancer vulnerabilities and future anti-cancer therapies.

Nelson Labs Bozeman Announces GMP Viral Clearance Testing Service

Viral clearance testing is a critical step in the development and production of biologics and other products that are derived from biological sources. GMP-compliant service provides the assurance that products have been thoroughly tested for the presence of viral contaminants, and that they are safe for use.

Join the HERO Patients Registry

Scientists at the McLaughlin Institute are spearheading this patient registry which allows the Institute to enroll Montanans in potential clinical trials and research studies.

Three Tips for Scaling Biotech Companies in Montana

On January 12, 2023, the Montana High Tech Business Alliance and the Montana Bioscience Cluster Initiative co-hosted the webinar “Scaling Biotech Companies in Montana.” Panelists shared their insights into how companies can effectively plan for growth and how Montana can scale its biotech ecosystem.