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Solo-Dex has announced an exclusive Product Distribution Agreement for Solo-Dex Fascile® suite of products with CH Trading Group LLC, an international import, export and trading company. The Agreement focuses on the MENA regional markets and extends the availability of Solo-Dex Fascile products beyond the U.S., Europe and Brazil to dozens of countries, including those that are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the African Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The “MR” designation means that patients no longer need to interrupt their pain management to obtain MR imaging. In addition, patients no longer need to undergo repeat placement of a nerve block catheter following an MRI imaging. Solo-Dex green “MR” designation will improve patient satisfaction, reduce costs and drive efficiency in a hospital and in the ambulatory surgical center.

Montana State University
August 25, 2022

Fifty-eight high school graduates from across Montana have been selected for their effort and potential as the seventh class of Montana State University’s Hilleman Scholars Program, which is named after Maurice Hilleman, one of the state’s most influential, but least known, native sons.

Manually converting FASTQs to VCFs, importing these into VarSeq, and building projects from scratch is adequate when you have only a handful of cases per week. But as you start ramping up production, the key to your lab’s success quickly becomes how quickly and efficiently you can get to the reporting of your analysis. This blog will explain how you can automate the VCF and VarSeq Project generation process that requires only a few commands. This will expedite your path to analysis […]

Tonix Pharmaceuticals has received a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to support development of TNX-1300 a recombinant enzyme that efficiently degrades and metabolizes cocaine. In 2021, more than 24,900 individuals in the U.S. died from drug overdose deaths involving cocaine.


Researchers from Diaceutics and the Personalized Medicine Coalition has published a special report in JCO Precision Oncology  that provides an in-depth look at United States health systems’ efforts to deploy potentially paradigm-shifting targeted and immuno-oncology drugs to improve care for lung cancer patients.

Doctors have told health services to prepare for a new era of cancer screening after a study found a simple blood test could spot multiple cancer types in patients before they develop clear symptoms.

It’s been 60 years since President Kennedy delivered his iconic moonshot speech, marking a goal for America to launch a man into space to step foot on the moon, and bring him back to Earth. On Sept. 12, President Biden gave a speech at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, outlining the progress on his own self-described moonshot: ending cancer.

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) offers early-stage funding opportunities to small businesses and researchers looking to commercialize innovative treatments or technologies to help people enjoy healthier lives as they age. The NIA Small Business Program is accepting applications for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funding. Learn more about these open opportunities. The next deadline to apply is September 6, 2022. 

The federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs offer a lifeline to small medical technology companies that otherwise would not be able to secure the initial funding necessary for expensive research and development.


November 30, 2022

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August 25, 2022