The Montana BioScience Alliance, founded in 2004, is the state affiliate of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and a member of the Council of State Bioscience Associations. We are a network of biotechnology businesses, entrepreneurs, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and universities. We work together to commercialize, grow, and sustain globally competitive bioscience enterprises. The Montana BioScience Alliance is dedicated to expanding the bioscience-based economy through the promotion of research, investment, education, and infrastructure.

We are actively engaged in:

  • Initiatives to start, grow, and attract new bioscience companies
  • Collaborative training, research and development, and business opportunities that advance the competitiveness of the bioscience cluster in the state
  • Efforts to build the state’s life sciences research base
  • Education, training, and business development outreach to communities around the state
  • Open and consistent communication with our congressional delegation and state legislative leaders, to emphasize the health and economic benefits of the bioscience industry
  • Networking opportunities that will connect enterprises to potential collaborators, partners, and funding sources

You can learn more about the Montana BioScience Alliance in this video.